My 100 List...

As seen on many blogs and most recently seen on this blog of a old New Orleans friend... I decided to make my 100 list...

1. I was born one week before Christmas (December 17) and was brought home from the hospital in a Christmas Stocking... (pretty sure it was my parents best Christmas ever!)

2. I love to have my hair cut... i love freshly cut hair, it just looks great!

3. I love to travel, but hate the car/airplane rides to my destination. (i just wanna be there)

4. I love blogging.

5. I'm not a reader and when i do read it's children's books with kate.

6. Photography, IPhoto and Photoshop are my new found hobbies.

7. Newborns make me smile so much, i just love their new little bodies... and then they make me scared/nervous to have another baby.

8. I enjoy cooking when i actually cook.

9. I enjoy hosting parties and little get togethers... i really want to have a formal dinner party sometime this year and go all out! I better start planning.

10. I love spending time with just Daniel and Kate, even if we are just sitting around the house.

11. Sometimes i feel like i'm not good at anything.

12. I'm a sucker for puppies.

13. I love learning new things... i'm tacking quilting right now.

14. I'm not a big cereal person.

15. I love photo booth on mac and can play with it for hours.

16. I love watching So You Think You Can Dance.

17. I like browsing the web and finding new crafts, ideas, decor, and clothes.

18. I love anything handmade.

19. I love old antique random things, like old time locks and keys.

20. I went to Grace King High School in Metairie, Louisiana and was my Class VP for 3 years. I was also a cheerleader and President of the Teaching Academy.

21. I worked at Sonic Drive-In as a carhop for 3 years.

22. I rarely stay at home all day, i'm always out and about doing something or visiting someone.

23. I love to shop at Ross.

24. I hate to clean bathrooms.

25. I love country music.

26. I like good surprises.

27. I want to go on a church history tour really bad!

28. I like to know random, interesting facts.

29. I don't wear heels, i don't think they look good on me.

30. I have an obsession with blankets.

31. I'm not a germ freak at all.

32. I hate to floss and usually don't

33. I like going though model homes.

34. I'd rather be a passenger than be the driver.

35. I dislike camping and hiking.

36. I love the water... the pool, lake, and ocean... but i have a fear of going into any lake or ocean because i think there will be an alligator or shark ready to eat me... i know it's weird, but i grew up in Miami and New Orleans, where in every lake theres an alligator (even in our backyard lake, they used to sleep on our grass) and in every ocean a shark lurking... I get really nervous and my heart starts beating really fast.

37. I was the first one of my family and my cousins (on my mom's side) to get married.

38. We were married in the Las Vegas Temple.

39. I love holidays.

40. I don't like beans... not any kind!

41. I'm quite the picky eater.

42. I love chocolate cake and neopolitan ice cream.

43. I love homemade frosting.

44. I have a brother serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints right now.

45. I write once a week for a blog called Tutus and Turtles.

46. I love to bowl and have my own bowling gear.

47. I love playing games.

48. Daniel broke up with me twice when we were dating because his mom didn't like me -- i mean she didn't know me. haha

49. I go to my mother-in-laws house practically every day, we are really good friends and get along great!

50. Most people don't think i look anything like my siblings.

51. People think i'm asian... i'm not.

52. I like to go for walks.

53. I'm not a fan of running.

54. I wish i would exercise more.

55. I want to own a small bakery one day and be a pastry chef.

56. Snow is only something i enjoy for a few minutes.

57. My favorite food is lasagna.

58. My favorite color is RED.

59. I already have names picked out for our future kids.

60. I only use apple (imacs and macbooks) computers.

61. I want a vitamix.

62. I love milkshakes.

63. I have great in-laws! (mother, father, sisters and brother)

64. I've never dyed my hair.

65. I'm learning to play the piano.

66. I want to be more organized.

67. I'm not a good money saver... good thing daniel is.

68. I don't like PDA. (you know, like when people are making out where everyone can see them!)

69. I have a best friend that i hardly ever talk to but still call her my best friend.

70. I've never been to EFY.

71. I love water parks.

72. Daniel's family goes up to Waterton, Canada every year... it's one of my favorite vacations!

73. I love birthdays and birthday parties.

74. I have to sleep with my own blanket at night.

75. I can't take naps during the day even if i'm so tired because then i won't be able to fall asleep that night.

76. I sweat alot and i hate it.

77. At night the A/C has to be at 72*, if it's 71* it's too cold and if it's 73* it's too hot.

78. I try to remember names of anyone i talk to, like in church, on the phone talking to a customer service rep, an in-store sales person, even a fast food drive thru cashier... i like to call people by their names and when i say hello or good-bye i like to address them by their name.

79. If i forget their name i have no problem asking them again, no matter how short or long it's been since they last told me their name.

80. I love to smile at people because they always smile back.

81. I enjoy playing the wii.

82. I wish i would like to play playstation 3 games so that i could play with my husband instead of getting mad that he's playing.

83. I love a clean house.

84. I love when kate gives me hugs and kisses.... and when she's tired or sees that i'm tired she puts her face sideways and lays it on my sideways face... it's so cute and funny.

85. I love to teach kate anything!

86. I was pregnant for 41 weeks with kate.

87. We found out we were pregnant with kate on Halloween 2006.

88. We were engaged on 05/05/05 and got married on 08/05/05.

89. I love to get flowers.

90. I would love to go see all the shows on the strip. (except the nasty ones of course.)

91. I was obsessed with guitar hero for months!

92. Can't live without shade shirts.

93. I love little tea sets.

94. I've recently turned into a bargain shopper.

95. A few months ago i cut all my credit cards.

96. I love doing any type of project.

97. I like math. (it was my best subject in school)

98. I'm not a big chocolate candy lover.

99. I use enjoy shampoo and conditioner, love it!

100. I want to plant my own garden one day.

make you're "100 list" and leave a comment so i can read it! thanks! have fun!


Linda LaPierre said...

That list was amazing! You're so darn cute! Love and kisses for Kate Marie! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

oh neat! ill have to do mine, who knows when though. But the air conditioner one was funny, because i think 72 is too warm and 71 is perfect, funny!

Tanya said...

That was so fun to read and I think I'm going to do one too!

The Utley's said...

I finally posted my "100 List"...check it out!