Boys Will Be Boys...

Last weekend all of Daniel's friends were in town for Aaron's Wedding. A few days after the wedding we all got together at Jake's house. We were having a blast just talking, hanging out, playing the Wii, and reminiscing of old times. Toward the end of the night all the guys went for a ride in Jake's Volkswagen Thing. When they got home they were all laughing and saying that of course when they are all back together again they have another run in with, none other but the cops! All the wives thought it was a joke, but for sure, they had another story to tell. So they started telling about what happened... I guess they were heading back from their joy ride of off-roading and saw a helicopter with a spotlight, then when they got back onto the road they saw a bunch of cops up a little further blocking the road back into town. Then the helicopter spotlights them and circles them about 3 times, at this point Jake has stopped the car and says he doesn't have any insurance or registration for this car so he isn't going to try to out run the cops to make it worse. Then all the cops race over behind their car and the loudspeaker comes on and says, "Put your hands up! One by one you will get out of the car with your hands up and walk backwards towards us, you in the plaid shirt first." (Who is in the plaid shirt, Duane!) The last person out of the car is Ben, and he has a belt on that was a little long so it was wrapped around his belt and tucked up, the cops flash their flashlight and ask over the loudspeaker what it was. Ben, of course says, "what, this?" as he is letting his hands down to grab it, the cops freak out and cock their shotguns and yell frantically, "KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!" After each one is out of the car and had walked back by the police, they are told to knell down on the rock and the guys are patted down heavily, while some other cops are satnding on each side of them pointing their hand guns at them. Finally after patting the guys down the cops let them know that the residents were calling and complaining about hearing multiple gun shots quite close to the neighborhoods. So they were taking precautions. The cops finally let them go, without any tickets and no one having to go to jail. I think the cops realized that they are harmless guys just out having a little fun. Anyway, all the wives had a good laugh, and we couldn't resist having them all go back into to thing to take a picture of all SIX boys in this car. Boys will be boys!

Daniel, Me, Jaclyn, Ben, Shelly

Daniel and I

Stephanie and Danny
Jake and Rocio
Jaclyn, Stephanie, Me, Rocio, ShellyIn the front seat: Ben, Jake
Middle: Daniel, Danny, Deven
Back: Duane

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