My Baby Shower!


Me and My Nephew, Tyler

My Baby Shower was on Staurday, it was a blast! Kathie's house was absolutely beautifully decorated in Pink, Browns, and White (the color i am doing Kate's room). There was an umbrella, balloons, pacifiers, ribbon, flowers. presents, and lots more! The food was good too... we had everything from salads to bundt cakes to fruits and veggies and my favorite, neopolitan ice cream! We also had prizes, which were a big hit! The first prize was for an early bird, everyone who got there in the first half hour was eligible to play, Christy Decker's name was picked and she won! The second prize was for the person who can cut the streamer that measures the clostest to the size of my tummy, Kathy Goodnough was the winner! The thrid prize went to Amy Peterson who came up with a baby item starting with the letter "K" (she said a kint hat). And the last prize was won by Linda VanHook for being one of the first people there and helping out so much with the presents! Well, we had so much fun, if you coulnd't make it, we missed you alot! Thanks for thinking of us! And to all those who did come, Thank You for all the generous gifts! I know Kate will LOVE everything! She will be making her debut in about 4 weeks! Love You all! - Here are a few pictures at the shower...

Me, Mom , and Tyler
Lindsey holding Elena, i think Tyler was a little jelous!
The Ladies having FUN !
Time to Eat!
GAME TIME... Guess how big my tummy is?!
My mom.. always busy and helping out!
All the little girls at the shower

Opening Presents

Decorations and Food -- by Designs By Kathrine Dye :)

Thank you gifts and to go boxes by Jan Hodson! Thanks a bunch!!!

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Jules said...

Looks like it was fun! Wish I could've been there!!