SPT: What's in MY wallet?

"Everything I need is right here in this
extraordinary purse."
-Dorothy Kilgallen

I love purses! Usually a woman will have a shoe fetish, my fetish is PURSES! This one happens to be my favorite! One, because it's BIG! Two, because it's RED! (my favorite color!) I actually should start carrying around a smaller purse only because i have noticed, the bigger the purse, the bigger the mess. I usually change purses often and clean out the mess, but since i bought this one about a year ago at ALDO, i have been quite attached and i have rarely changed it.
Here are some things in my wallet:
~sunglasses - a MUST!
~ wallet - money, credit cards, DL, the necessities...
~ check book
~ band aids - always prepared!
~ floss - just in case
~ lotion
~ some mail
~ keys
~ pictures (another fetish)
~ a toothbrush - because i just went to the dentist and they always give you a toothbrush
~ gift cards and receipts
~ pens and markers
~ nail polish and a file
~ Tylenol
~ always some little snack, usually a granola bar
~ cell phone - can't go anywhere without that!
~ ultra sound pictures of my baby!

Well, i think that's about it! Soon my purse will change, i am very excited to soon be carrying around a diaper bag/purse full of new experiences and surprises! Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my "wallet".


donna said...

I love your purse. You have floss in your purse. Great ! I need to have some in mine purse :)

Linda said...

The purse is bigger than you! :)

I never would have thought to have floss in my purse. Nice idea, my dear!

SHERI said...

Be sure to get a diaper bag as cute as your purse is!!

Jules said...

ok so i need to tell you how to put a picture or whatever as your header...but it's too long to put in a comment so I'll just email you. Love the purse!!!