LDS media blitz

The church started a media blitz recently. A few pilot cities were chosen and Las Vegas was one of them. They've developed tv, radio, billboard, and internet ads along with new pass-along cards all directing people to the re-designed mormon.org website. The campaign centers around the common theme "Truth Restored". People have many different questions about life, family and their relationship with God. When they visit the website, they will be able to access video clips and other articles relating to many common questions like, "Where did I come from?", "Why am I here?" and, "Where am I going after this life?" These questions of the soul are inherent in all of us.

We are excited that Las Vegas was chosen as a pilot city. The members here are excited about the campaign. New discussions are sparked with neighbors and co-workers who see the ads and ask questions to their LDS friends. You can also view a 45 min. video from Elder Ballard and other general authorities explaining in detail the media campaign. Be sure to send people you know who may have questions about the church to the website!

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Linda said...

Hi Daniel...this is a great site. Two of my friends have seen it and are becoming very interested in the church. It definitely is good!

Take Care. Love to Britt.
Aunt Linda