Water Girl..

The other night Daniel, Kate and i went to babygap (my new love). Well i could not resist this adorable bathing suit! So tonight we went in the spa and took our baby Kate. She liked it for about 5 minutes, then she started to cry. While we were waiting for the spa to heat up, Kate was introduced to Johnny and June. Johnny and June were so excited! They just kept sniffing her and kate didn't mind at all. At first she was a little scared but then she started smiling. I think this is a beginning of a great friendship!


Mary said...

Oh SO cute. That is the cutest swimsuit... of course, it might just be the cute baby that's in it. And I love her headbands! It is so fun to dress up babies. We used to take a picture every time David wore a new outfit. Wait, we still do, and he's 2 years old.

Linda LaPierre said...

So, so cute! It's also amazing how she looks like both you and Daniel. What a sweetie! I'm glad to hear that she and the dogs have made friends. They'll be very protective of her, I'm sure. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxo

the Getschers said...

She is sooo cute Britney! She looks like a carbon copy of you in that first picture! I LOVE her cute little headbands too, I can't wait to dres up girls!