Shark Reef Adventure...

A couple weeks ago daniel, kate and i ventured into the Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Exhibit. I have been wanting to go for some time now and we finally just got up and went. It was a pretty cool exhibit. We got to see different exotic fish, eels, piranha's (sp?), jellyfish, and of course SHARKS! We even got to touch some sting rays. Kate was loving checking out the fish and screaming at the shark, it was pretty entertaining to watch her. Anyway... here are a few pictures of our family adventure...

On our way to the shark reef...

MOM: Kate, we're going to the SHARK REEF!
KATE: WHAT? THE SHARKS??? mom, i don't want to go to the Sharks!
She really did love it!
Do you see the leopard eel in the back round?
close up

at one point you are completely surrounded by sharks!

Kate totally wanted to go swimming!

See... i told you she loved it!


Kara Benson said...

She is so cute, you guys got great pictures in there. was it very busy?

Linda LaPierre said...

Katie is going to scarred for life taking her to see sharks at such a young age :-)....I loved that picture of her. It actually looks like she's thinking SHARKS? Get me outta here! Very nice pictures! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you all. Aunt Linda.