Growing up so fast!

It seems like Kate is just growing up so fast. She is now sitting up by herself and thats all she wants to do. She refuses to lay down and she fights it when i try to lay her down to change her diaper. Although she does know when it's nap time and bed time because she is always very good when i lay her in her crib, she'll usually fall right asleep. I consider myself very very lucky because she has been sleeping through the night (at least 8 hours!) since she was about 3 months old! I hardly remember the days when she would wake me up 3 or 4 times a night to be fed. Well, after a few months of the "newborn stage" it is all paying off now... Kate now definitely recognizes her mommy and daddy and when she is with a "stranger" she looks at them with a confused look on her face, then frowns and starts to cry. Example: We were at the Annual Advance Insurance Christmas Party and of course Kate was the hit of the night, all of Daniel's co workers wanted to hold her, we let them and after just a few seconds Kate was back in the comfort of our arms due to the fact that "strangers" were a no-no! I'll have to admit it was pretty cute seeing her look around for known faces and when she finally saw one of us she would reach her arms out as far as she could! I love being a mommy!!!

She is very flexible!
The girl cracks me up... she looks at the camera like it's an alien.
Those blue eyes are to die for!!!

Kate also likes to chew and suck on anything she gets her hands on!
Although it may not seem like it, but she really does LOVE getting kisses!
Kate and Mommy
She also loves giving kisses... I LOVE SLOBBERY BABY KISSES!
The flash is blinding her
Ok, that's better... one of these times she's going to smile!

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Mary said...

I can't wait for her dark hair to grow in... you can see it's definitely getting there! She is going to be so stunning with dark hair and blue eyes. I always loved that combination. And I love that she even has rolls on her arms. Chubby babies are so delicious.