Republican Caucus...

Saturday was my first experience at a caucus. It was really interesting and i learned alot. This was really the first time Nevada has had a "say" on who should be the the Republican Candidate. We usually have a primary which is after the Republican Candidate has already been selected... So this was big here!! Daniel and I headed to Bonanza High School, bright and early at 9am, where our precinct met (since we are still registered at his parents address). It was funny because it was pretty much our whole old ward. It was most entertaining because Bro. Hart, a confused registered democrat and African American, and his wife, a republican and Caucasian, were in a difference of opinion... We were nominating delegates and both bro and sister hart were nominated... It went something like this...
Elaine (Chairwoman)- Mr Hart who are you supporting?
Brother Hart - I am supporting Barack Obama!
Sister Hart - what? No, Mitt!
Brother Hart - You marry for love, but you vote for race
As the whole precinct is cracking up and wondering what the heck Bro Hart is doing at the republican caucus.
Elaine - um...ok. Sister hart, what about you
Sister Hart - Mitt Romney... (pause) ... you marry for love and you vote for religion
They are quite the couple! Anyway... MITT WON NEVADA!!! And we were very glad to have participated in the caucus and voted!!!


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Jack Attack said...

good for you! we wanted to go but Aaron got called into the hospital at the last minute and I did not feel like wrestling Jack by myself.

Parkinson Family said...

go mitt