Tongue Tied? not any more!

When Kate was born she was tongue tied, at her recent visit to the doctor, at 6 months old, she not only got her shots, but she also got that little piece of skin connecting your tongue to the bottom of your mouth snipped.

For those of you not familiar with being "tongue tied," it is when that piece of skin is connected too close to the tip of your tongue.
Being tongue tied can sometimes cause speech problems, and usually if they have this problem they can barely stick out there tongue. So when i found out she was, i just wanted them to snip it and be done with it... but the doctors i talked to didn't do it and referred me to a specialist who recommended we wait to see if she did have speech problems, and if she did then they would put her to sleep and then cut it. Well, i then changed pediatricians and when i asked what he thought, he said he would do it right away and not even risk waiting to see if she would hav a speech problem... which is what i wanted to do in the first place... then i asked if he would do it, and he said, " yeah, of course, i do about 1 a week!" So he snipped it and now Kate is sticking her tongue out like crazy! It's hilarious cause she use to barely get the tip of her tongue out, now... as you can see from the picture above... she is loving the fact that she can stick out her tongue really far!


Tanya said...

Good thing they did it now. Can you imagine waiting until she gets a speech problem and then having to snip it AND having to go to speech therapy? Too much! I'm glad it all went well and cute tongue!

Tanya said...
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Parkinson Family said...

we're glad shes doing good, hope to see you guys soon