Monday Night BBQ...

Daniel's friend Danny was is in town for a couple weeks, so they all decided to have a BBQ at Duane's. We had fun visiting with everyone. Before we headed over there Kate was playing with the balloon we got her for V-Day... She LOVES balloons! We got her away from the balloon and went over to Duane's. Kate was especially having fun, besides balloons, she absolutely LOVES kids and babies! Elena {Jake and Rocio's Girl} was there and all Kate wanted to do was be around her. Which was hard because she can't crawl or walk yet... So at times when Elena was out of sight Kate would look around franticly and start to whine. It was so cute when they were together, cause they would touch fingers and stare at each other.


Kate looking at Elena with total excitement!




Linda LaPierre said...

It's so fun to have cute little friends to play with. Love you.

Parkinson Family said...

how sweet, i love her outfit too!