9 months...

Kate turned 9 months old on April 1st... We went to the doctor yesterday and her stats are as follows:

Weight: 22.6 lbs - 90%ile
Height: 29 inches - 80%ile

Head Circumference: 44 cm - 45%ile

Kate loves:
her walker

her daddy and mommy (she's having some separation anxiety every now and then)
water bottles

anything that lights up
juice in a sippy w/a straw
her new push-along buggy

american idol (seriously, she will sit on one of us through the whole show!, she dances -moves up & down and claps when it's over)
clapping & dancing
going to gmas house
max (kathie's dog)
crawling and standing (she actually loves the stairs, she'll go right by them and then she'll want to go down face first, we tell her "no" which seems to make her want to do it more...)

She dislikes:
being alone (even when i just sit her down and go to the bathroom)

getting dressed
getting out of the bath
animals she doesn't know

We LOVE this girl!


Linda LaPierre said...

Love, love, love those pictures! Happy 9 month birthday to Kate Marie! What a doll she is! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxo

nhall777 said...

Brit i just love all your postings. It seems that our lives are so busy these days this is how we catch up on one another.



Mom said...

Oh! how they grow and what a joy it is to have a blog and be able to enjoy kate even from far away.
Brittney and Dan thank you for being such great parents!!!
love mom

Jack Attack said...

she is so cute! she'd take down my 22.2 lb, 19 month old...and that's b/c he is a whimp! don't know when that started but it's getting old real fast.

thanks for hosting game night. let me know about photo class.

Parkinson Family said...

cool! that little buggy thing is awesome! i cant believe shes already 9 mths!

Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

What a cute post. I think it is so funny how kids love water bottles. It is in Jefferson's top five as well along with phones and remotes. Sorry I missed game night, Jefferson has been sick and it is hard to leave him.

Kathy's Boys said...

Hi Brittney,
Just wanted to stop in and see your latest blogging and the darling pictures of you guys and Kate. She is
soooo cute. It is so fun blogging now, and seeing everyone elses. Thanks to you.... you are the first blog I think I ever went on, now Andrea and I love it! Let me know when you have your next home show "party"
And tell your Aunt, I love the quilt she made for Kate.
It is about the cutest one I've seen! Take care. Kathy P

Tanner & Andrea said...

We should totally hang out soon. I am super busy for the next couple of weeks.. infact I am flying back to PA for a few days to visit with my family before the baby arrives. :) It is getting closer and closer- I am 30 weeks... YIkes! But I have been wanting to tell you about this Awesome Brand new Consignment store I go to ALL the time.. haha. It is called Childrens Orchard- they have a website- Check it out.. Childrensorachard.com . I go to the one on Lake mead.. Let me know what you think... You would LOVE it. - Andrea

suzanne said...

she is a doll... all 22.6 pounds of her! that quilt is awesome!

jules said...

Such a little sweetheart. Every new picture I change my mind about who she looks more like..