I love to see the temple...

Last Saturday we were able to go to the Las Vegas Temple to see our friends {Scott, Kelly and family} be sealed for eternity! It was such a great experience... They are such a great family, the sealer was just amazing, his words were so powerful... he actually had lived right next door to Kelly as she was growing up, her family are not members, only her and her sister, so for him to see Kelly and her family receive the blessing of being an eternal family was quite emotional. It was such a blessing to see them and their kids dressed all in white, not a lot of us get to do this because our kids are sealed under the covenant, 2 of their kiddos were crying through out the whole blessing, but that made it all the more special, everyone in the room was just smiling... to see their beautiful family in the Temple was such a joy... Thanks for letting us participate on your special day!!

i managed to snag a photo of the family... and a couple of my handsome hubby!

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Parkinson Family said...

how special, dan looks cool, the greenery is so pretty!