St George...

Last weekend we headed up to St George for the weekend. My brother, Kyle, received his endowments and my brother, Kevin, had his Eagle Court of Honor... Besides that we had pizza, went to dinner at red lobster (not a huge fan, but my mom wanted to go there), went for walks, played at the water works, shopped at a few consignment stores, had ice cream at blue bunny and much more... we had so much fun! - our weekend in pictures -

at red lobster

Yes, the hostess actually had a real live lobster out and was trying to make it stand on its head.

at the temple

ice cream, walks, shops, and water! (all of K*'s Favorites, and mine too!)

cousin hailey, isn't she adorable?! main street walks and then a rest.

k* couldn't figure out what the grass was ...

water time!

k* love the water! she loves dunking her head and playing in it!

lindsey, dave and tyler playing in the water.

family pics... my attempt to have a few picutes of our little family... k* wasn't having it... thanks dave for taking the pics!

Kevin's Eagle Court Of Honor

eagle's nest - daniel, erik (our cousin), kevin, kyle (kate was sitting in the eagles est for a bit) ... dad, kyle, kevin

We love you all!


Heidi said...

Yay Kevin! I bet your parents are so proud! Your brothers look so grown up. Oh, how I miss your family. Beautiful photography too - what a talent you are aquiring!

Mom said...

Thanks for comming to St George, I wish I had you all every weekend!!!
Love the pictures. What a day!!!temple in the morning with Kyle and Eagle at night with Kevin I don't think we can be more blessed.
Love you

Linda LaPierre said...

What great pictures! Do I say that all the time? I probably do, but it's true! I love the picture of your Dad, Kyle and Kevin. The Pierce boys! All very handsome! I can't wait to see all of you. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

Cool! thanks for posting them!