Sleeping Beauty...

It's 9:44 am and Kate is still sound asleep.

Yesterday must have just tired that little girl out! We went over to Cafe Rio for lunch with this friend who moved a few weeks back... she was in town for a tennis tourney... after lunch we headed to her parents house and went swimming with our kiddos. Their pool was so nice and warm, i seriously didn't want to get out! Kate and Jefferson were both having a ball! After that we went home, kate napped for a couple hours, daniel and i got haircuts, thanks michelle, went to dinner at bajios, and then we went to ron and Kathie's for a mini birhtday celebration for Rachel (her b-day was the 19th we celebrated alot yesterday, with gifts, a lunch outing, and capriottis dinner). Her other half strolled into town last night to finish off the festivities, so we sung happy birthday, ate some cake, swam some more and jacuzzied. Kate is a little fish!! Of course my camera has been MIA the past couple of days (i keep leaving it home by accident! whats wrong with me?) Anyway, after that we didn't get home til about 10pm, kate was out for the night and we played some rock band with these friends for a while. What a fun day! Hopefully when she and she get their pictures up from yesterday i'll have to copy them and post them... Loves.

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David said...

9:44 NOT FAIR!