i love playing with THIS girl!

i think it's so funny when kate gets on her tippy toes to try to get something!


suzanne said...

i LOVE that picture of her chubby little legs and tip toes... PRICELESS!!!

Matt & Tanya Wonderly said...

So cute! I love her lil frame! She is adorable! Her legs are the cutest things! It makes you just want to squeeze them!

Tanner & Andrea said...

Oh my- I just want to squeeze her legs- Her ankles are looking about like mine right now... but hey- that is ok when you are 1. Im so excited about the pics- Thanks again for taking those- I owe you something. Just let me know when you get them done... Will you email them or how does that work?.. haha. Just email me and let me know.. Have a good day- and yeah- I didnt really find anything at Childrens orchard either.