Lake Powell.

We packed our bags again for a quick vacation to Powell... while i was packing and going in and out of rooms trying to get everything together... kate jumped right onto the suitcase and couldn't wait to get to the lake!

I didn't take that many pictures... we were quite busy having fun... One night there was a storm, the waves were high, a boat near us was not beached and it started raining!

Right before it started coming down hard, i made everyone take a few pictures... (minus Kathie, cause she was snapping the photos.)

On our last day we went on a little family jet ski ride. Kate sure did love it!

WE LOVE THE LAKE! thanks for letting us come along Ron and Kathie!

Our vacation ended shorter than we planned with a series of unfortunate events, while we were on the house boat, Kate fell down the stairs and you could tell her leg was hurting her, she wouldn't walk and when she tried she would fall down and cry. Then we got a message that Daniel's grandpa was taken to the hospital, they said he had 9 out of 10 signs of someone who is dying. We rushed home to be with grandpa dye. -- We took Kate to the doctor and came home with a cast... Her story coming soon... -- Grandpa is home from the hospital but needs 24/7 care. We saw him yesterday and asked him how he felt, he said he as feeling better. We are praying for him and hope he gets better soon.


Parkinson Family said...

fun! in the pic of you guys jumping, i would have to say that you and dan have the best jumps :)

Tanya said...

The picture of Kate in her life vest is soo darling. I couldn't help but laugh because she is so darn cute! I hope her leg gets better soon!

Linda LaPierre said...

You are crazy people...love the pictures, especially the ones on the jet ski. All of you are so cute! Glad you had a good time, but sorry to hear about Kate and Daniel's grandfather. Love you. Aunt Linda xoxox

Heidi said...

We're leaving in the morning for LP! Yay! Great photos....

Kathy's Boys said...

We have never been to Lake Powell - and it looks so fun. It is so beautiful too. You guys all so like your having a blast.
So sorry to hear about Grandpa Dye.