2008 South Stake Girls Camp
Camp Stimson, Mt Charleston

Despite my dislike for camping, my church calling proved to be more important than my likes and dislikes. As assistant camp director i was able to go to Girls Camp with the wonderful and gorgeous girls of 3 combined wards. Two of the three wards were already in existence when a thrid was formed from the two. (does that make sense?) Anyway... britt (camp director) and i were able to keep our existing callings even though we were split into the new ward. At times all of this was confusing and frustrating, but in the end proved to be completely worth it! With alot of planning, hard work, shopping in multiple states and late nights (sorry husbands) we were ready for girls camp and excited!"A League of Our Own" was our theme and "Steppin' up to the Plate" was our motto! Our excitement was in full force all four and a half days! (except for the bathroom situation) And we think the girls had fun too! It is so amazing to see how close the girls get at girls camp despite the many family, personal, and social backgrounds of the girls. They always seem to connect... We, leaders, also had a great time and made some really good friends from other wards. I am so glad i was able to go (thanks a bunch to my in-laws and wonderful hubby for tending kate) I learned so much from the girls and hopefully taught them a few things too. So here is just a glimpse of our four day, five night adventure.


Linda LaPierre said...

Good job, Britt! I'm with you, camping is not my thing, either, but you look like you all had a wonderful time! Love you....Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

looks like fun, so you guys wanna go camping with us now? :)