Keeping Busy...

Is definitely a fitting post title for how our lives have been the past week. Unfortunately i don't have too many pictures to document the busy week, but a few will suffice.
Our car was sold (Thanks Curtis!) about a week ago, so with a few extra dollars in the bank we decided to invest in our very own backyard oasis. After a couple different estimates and some drawings of our own, we decided to do it our self. (well most of it.) It's not completely finished yet, but should be in the next couple weeks... YAY!

Here's how it started:

Then we had this put it:

Our friends gave us this tree and helped moved the beast:

Then Daniel and I brought home these stones: (with the help of michelle babysitting kate, thanks!)

And started building these planters:

She was happy the whole time just wondering and playing outside!

Like i said, it's not completely finished, but it's getting there! Stay Tuned... More to come on our New Backyard Oasis in a few weeks.


Linda LaPierre said...

It looks great so far! Is that a putting green in those picture??? Looking good, kids! Good job! Katie looks like she was having a good time, too. Congratulations and enjoy! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxoxo

Jack Attack said...

we're coming to your house to play.

Parkinson Family said...

thats awesome!! kate is too cute too!

Zach and Kate Hulet said...

This looks fantastic!