Happy Birthday...

to the BEST MOTHER-IN-LAW in the world!!!

Her birthday was a little over shadowed by a great birthday present (rachel's wedding)... SO although this post is a little belated, we wanted to let her know that we love her and that a birthday party is in the works to celebrate her awesomeness!
Kathie, we are so grateful for all you do for us! We hope you had/have a great birthday month because you deserve it!
So, since my WONDERFUL mother-in-law is turning 34, i thought it would be appropriate to tell 34 things we LOVE about her...
1. She's always so thoughtful and giving.
2. She always thinks of others before herself.
3. She's beautiful!
4. She's a amazing Grandma... (kate calls her mimi)
5. She's an amazing mom.
6. She's so loving and caring.
7. She is a great tennis player.
8. She's smart
9. She's so very talented.
10. She's an interior designer.
11. She's a good cook.
12. She let's us come over for sunday dinner.
13. We love her 'sunday voice'
14. She always magnifies her callings in our church.
15. She has great style.
16. We love that she works at Williams-Sonoma.
17. She's a good listener.
18. She's always willing to help.
19. She's always willing to babysit.
20. She gives great gifts.
21. She's always so supportive.
22. She raised 4 wonderful children.
23. She likes to go on vacations.
24. She's a good teacher.
25. She's a good party planner.
26. She's a good friend.
27. She is always encouraging us.
28. She believes we can do anything.
29. She has a good sense of humor.
30. She has a sweet spirit.
31. She makes us laugh.
32. She likes to shop.
33. She calls us for no reason at all, just to say hi and see what we are up to.
34. And most importantly we love her for just being her.

Happy Birthday Kathie! We Love You!


Linda LaPierre said...

Happy birthday, Kathie! Looks to me like you're loved a lot! I hope you had a great day.

Parkinson Family said...

sww how nice

kathie said...

Girl, you are making me cry! I am so blessed. Thanks for taking such great care of me. Love you, 'mimi'