To Dad [daniel]...

While you've been in Hartford we have been missing you like CRAZY! Kate points to your pictures all over the house and says "dada" everyday. She's been talking like crazy too, she repeats everything i say to her and talks back to me when i ask her to do something. But she sure is a sweetheart, this week more than ever, she has been coming up to me at random times, even if she's in the middle of playing or reading, and gives me the biggest squeeze (hug) ever. It just melts my heart, these little squeezes start little hugging wars where we both just squeeze each other as tight as we can and then when we stop she just cracks up laughing and wants to do it again and again. Oh i love it. She's been doing really good at cleaning up her toys when shes done playing, which makes my house chores slightly easier, except this week i have taken upon your chores too, (which makes me miss you even more) like: the trash, the dishes, putting kate to sleep and waking up with her, and getting me breakfast. Most of all we just miss hanging out with you at night, falling asleep right next to you and getting excited when 5:30pm comes around cause we know you will be walking through the door soon. Well, we just can't wait til Friday night, when we can pick you up from the airport and give you a BIG HUG! Til then... we will just keep missing you. Love you. I'll be seeing you.

Loves. xoxo.
britt + kate

p.s. no need to worry about us, my friends and your family have been taking good care of us. we've been playing and playing and playing! thank you friends and family.

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