V-Day Festivities...

Valentine's Day is a pretty low key holiday for us... I just see other holidays more important. It was still really fun... we woke up and i made my loves heart waffles with strawberries and warm maple syrup.

Then we bummed around the house for a while... then daniel took kate to get my car washed so i could have a little nap. Also tried to get some photos of kate, but she wasn't cooperating.

mom: take that out of your mouth
kate: nooooo
mom:please and say cheese
kate: noooo... cheese
we had the roller coster put away for a couple weeks and we brought it back out on v day.

mom: say cheese one more time.
kate: no moe ti-tures(pictues) mama

Then Daniel and the boys went shooting and for dinner we went to Rincon de Buenos Aires with some wonderful friends (daniels high school friends [+ wives], who also roomed with daniel in college which makes them my college friends - needless to say, we all get along great and love to hang out when everyone is in town). And then everyone came to our house to hang out. What a great day!

unfortunately the waiter cut danny out of the picture*...
from left to right: danny, steph, kaitlin, aaron, daniel, kate, me, duane

luckily, kate took my camera and snapped this one of him (her first photo, great job kate!), Or it would have seemed like steph was husbandless again.danny, steph... move here... we miss you guys!
aaron, kaitlin... we should definately hang out more often, why don't we?
duane, where was your girlfriend?
jake, rocio, elena + ruby... wish you were here. we miss you so much, it's just not the same without you!!!


david said...

hi britt oh kate in her jeans is so grow up looking. she is the doll of dolls in my book. love ya all dad

Mom said...

It looks like your whole family had a great day, that Kate is soooooo cute, i can just see her saying all those things. She is just a little Britney!!!
Love you all

Heather said...

Kate is so darling!! I love her little curls!

Linda LaPierre said...

Katie is so beautiful! I love the pictures. The waffles looked pretty tasty, too. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Tara and Spencer Frye said...

what a fun group... wish I could be there! :) Love ya girl!

p.s. Kate is looks so grown up!