My little cupcake.

This little girl definitely has a sweet tooth. We made cupcakes for easter and my little helper had no problem licking the remaining batter.

can you tell she loved it?!

one of three of kate's cupcakes
(yes she had 3 in less than an hour, does that make me a bad mom?)

how could i tell her no when she was such a good helper.
i love this girl soo much!


Mom said...

Brittney, you are a great mom to have the patience to bake with a 21 month old, she is Ok eating the cupcakes. Kate does not do that everyday so it's OK MOM. She looks soooo happy
I love all the pictures
Love you all

Linda LaPierre said...

This is fun times w/mommy! Let her enjoy! And I agree w/your mom, she looks soooo happy! Love the photos! Good job w/the cupcakes, too! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

3 cupcakes geez...thats great she likes them...tyler wont touch them :)

Amy said...

Let her eat cupcakes!!! Paige loves them too! She is so cute and getting so big. I can't wait to see everyone.