Photo Booth Fun.

Sometimes, to keep this almost 2 year old entertained, i turn on my computer and we have a "photo booth" session. It's so funny to watch kate look at herself and then when we put effect on the pictures... Here are a few favorites of me and my girl.

i'm usually saying things like this: "smile kate"

"keep smiling"

kate: "mama, that scary!"

kate: "kate silly"

"kate show off your dora tatoos"

playing peek-a-boo

kate: "i see you mama"

kate: "peek-a-boo!"

kate: "no mama, no, scary!"


david said...

hi britt really cool and funny. love ya all dad

Linda LaPierre said...

Hey Brittney...those are so great. I agree w/Katie....some of them were a little bit scary, but very cute. You're so talented and Katie is getting to be such a big girl. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Mom said...

Those are so funny and scary, I'll take them anyway they come.
love you both

Parkinson Family said...

tyler loved them all!