The past few days have been very busy...
Thursday: temple,
Friday: Brittany + Jordan's Wedding Dinner,
Saturday: Brittany + Jordan's wedding,
Sunday: Mother's Day
(which was great! no pics... but happy mother's day to all... especially my mom + mother-in-law!),
Monday: Cami's Bridal Shower.
Today: photo shoot + i'm getting my hair done
tomorrow: take a break, rest!

However... i did manage to make these for cami's birthday,
they've become very popular by this inspirational woman and blog.
Making some for my little family next... can't wait... LOVE THEM!


Kelly said...

Brittney- you are so talented! How much do you charge for these silhouettes? What size are they? Ironically I am trying to do some for my living room and you happened to post this right at the moment I am online, looking it up! :) Let me know!

Amber said...

Wow, I want to try that. Those are awesome.

Tanner and Andrea said...

so cute... my sister just made those for her family room... her blog is Shauna and Brent... they turned out super cute. I've been working on mine too- ill let you know how they turn out... haha

Kristi H. said...

I went private on my blog but I didn't have your email address! Send it to me so I can add you... kristiann16@gmail.com

Linda LaPierre said...

Britt...those silhouettes are spectacular! Great job! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Shawna B. said...

I love silhouettes! These look great!

CONGRATS on your happy baby news! Another girl! Yahooooo! I am so happy for you and for Kate, because I do believe that every girl should have a sister. Hope you're feeling good (as for me, I am the size of a house. Can't wait 'til I can bend over again!).

Brittney said...

Shawna... i haven't been able to get into your blog since it;s been private... how can i get on? email me... i miss keeping up with your family! brittneydye@gmail.com

Parkinson Family said...


Kelly said...

Brittney: I would love to have you help me do those. What do I need to do? Obviously take a picture first right? How close should the picture be? Give me any other info I need to get started. I am really excited, you are cute to help me!

Mom said...

Brittney I don't know when you find the time to do so many beautiful things, I really like these silhouettes.
love you, mom