Oh the joys of pregnancy...

- back pain
- lack of sleep
- weight gain
- tiredness
- constant bathroom trips
- emotional outbreaks
- never feeling full after a meal
- swelling
- waddling instead of walking

Good thing i love this little girl so much or this would be much worse!
Only 11 weeks to go!


Linda LaPierre said...

What a cute little pregnant lady you are! I can't believe you only have 11 more weeks to go! Wow! Take care of yourself! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Kristi H. said...

I know how you feel! Only have still have LONG way to go! Cute belly :)

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

girl, i feel your pain.. I couldnt even sit through a whole movie without getting up 8 times to stretch..i feel SOO bloated!! I like your list, but dont forget, heartburn, constipation and people rubbing your belly like a buddah! hahaha those are my personal favorites! ;D ..you look great though!

Parkinson Family said...

lookin' good!

Amanda Tippetts said...

No kidding! My doctor played a trick on me and told me I'd have my baby last weekend... it so did not happen!

suzanne said...

number one, heart burn is the worst... have you gotten to that point yet? ugh.

number two, i am SO jealous that you got to see SYTYCD!!

number three, where did you get the frames for your silhouettes? i've been looking for some just like those.

number four, you look great!

Natalie said...

oh yes, the joys of pregnancies! good luck girl, almost done!

lilsusha said...

You look GREAT!! I know I was like 10x bigger at that stage. It's fun watching you, b/c you're due date is so close to what mine was last year. I keep thinking, "this time last year...."I just watch you, and smile.

Anonymous said...


I am not sure if you remember me from the ward. I loved the newborn pics you took of Lindsey's little girl and was wondering if you were interested in taking pics of my new baby Easton. If you don't have time I understand. You can call me at 702-249-3498.


Lacy Peterson

Tara and Spencer Frye said...

hello my friend!! You look great! Cute little belly! :) I would love to see you sometime, and we have been throwing around the idea of heading to vegas for our 3 year anniversary ... but no decisions yet- I will let you know. Taylor joined the army- he graduates from basic training in two days then he is off to Advanced Individual Training right away, then we are thinking he will most likely be deployed. wow, wow, wow. I love you girl and hope all is well!

Mom said...

It's funny that after all that you take a look at your baby and for some reason you forget it all because it was all worth it.
I Love you Brittney