yes, she is 2!

I just can't believe this little girl is so quickly turning into a big girl!
Just 2 years ago she made me a mom and since then she has also made me more patient, made me happier, made me smile more, she's made me a better person. I love her so!

she is obsessed with swimming... we swim everyday.
She can hold her breath under water.
She can kick her feet.
She can float on her back.
She loves diving rings and goggles.
She still loves to read.
She loves to sing. Her favorite songs include: ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, popcorn popping and i am a child of god, and yes she can sing all of them by herself!
When we are on a road trip she loves to listen to 2 songs: apologize by one republic and bleeding love by leona lewis.
She loves playing with friends.
She's social and says "hi" and "bye" to anyone we walk by while in a store/restaurant/anywhere!
She loves dora, anything dora.
She loves puzzles.
She recently enjoys drawing + coloring, and although it's just a bunch of lines and scribble, i think it's beautiful.
She loves her baby sister already and always asks to play with baby lucy.
She's so sweet and occasionaly likes to cuddle.
She loves to play in her kitchen and cook for anyone.
She's very active.
She loves to swing and slide.
She loves her mom and daddy.

I could go on and on about this fun little girl. I love spending my days with her. She. is. amazing. Love you katesy girl!


Laura Fiegel said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kate!!!

carly said...

yay!! i can't believe she is 2 already! Happy Birthday Kate!
i love the pictures with her and Dan, they look so much alike.

carly said...
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Linda LaPierre said...

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Katie! I love you and can't wait to see you in October! Aunt Linda xoxox

Tara and Spencer Frye said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kate!

Anonymous said...

I just love her blue eyes. she is too cute.

lilsusha said...

Happy Birthday to that baby girl!! How fun!

Parkinson Family said...

Happy Birthday Kate! the pictures are way cute!

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

Happy birthday Kate! She's going to be such a great older sis!