Dye Days...

Have been busy, busy, busy. So this post will be slightly scattered.

1. We took little L to the doc for her 4 week apt, except she was 6 weeks old. The doctor said she is doing great! She is such a mellow baby (takes after her dad), sleeps a ton and only cries when she's hungry. She's started to smile, so Kate and i are always trying to steal a cute gummy smile. Growing wise, she's pretty much on the same path as her sister, i have very healthy babies! At 6 weeks, Lucy is weighing in at 11 pounds and 4 ounces and measuring 22.5 inches long.

(photos by megan; lucy at 3.5 weeks old)

2. Went to this bread making class for the 3rd time (yes, it's that good!) and i took my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daniel's aunt + cousin. We had a great time learning and laughing. These two baking sisters never let me down. If you haven't been, you NEED to go. It's made me really anxious to start making bread again, but i don't have a mixer, i sold my kitchen aid to save up for a bosch... still saving... so if any of you have extra cash you want to donate to a good cause, send it this way and i'll make you a treat! But really, it's on my Christmas wish list... Santa, please be good to me, i've been good all year!

3. I'm obsessed with online shopping and etsy, sorry daniel. I'm more obsessed with getting wholesale lines so i don't have to pay full price, but then i have to by in bulk... so if any of you are interested in purchasing baby legs, pettiskirts, or storksak products, let me know.

4. I'm loving the holiday season and i'm so excited for halloween and taking kate trick-or-treating. We've been baking sugar cookies and going to the pumpkin patch (twice) and picked pumpkins up both times, we've carved and carved and carved, kate loves it, we might be doing it again with friends on saturday! Here's a pic of my lil skeletons right before heading to the patch for the second time.

5. H1N1... what's your opinion? should i get kate vaccinated? People have died from this vaccine, but more people have died from the swine flu... every doctor i talk to has a different opinion. Oh what to do.

6. I hate watching the local news, i was watching it for about 6 mins and all they talked about was people getting killed, shootings, stabbing, random crimes... i'm glad daniel has a gun, and a ccw... don't mess with us!

7. I ordered a small entertainment center for our media niche, in september, they delivered it today, it was damaged... i wonder how long it'll take them to send us a new one. UGH!

8. Kate is always wanting to hold Lucy, i have to watch one of the constantly... although the past few days (after a few time outs where taken b/c she wouldn't listen) Kate has been listening really well when i ask her to leave her sister alone while she's sleeping. Let's hope she keeps it up.

9. Lucy is taking her first airplane ride in a few weeks. The four of us, plus 2 (my mom and bro) are headed to the sunshine state! I was born there and lived in Miami until i was 13 years old. My grandparents and a few aunts and uncles still live there and I haven't been back since i was a junior in high school. As for the the rest of my family, it will be their first time! I am so excited to be there, i am not excited for the 5+ hour plane ride. But i can't wait to see my grandparents, to lay out on the beach and feel the hot humid air, to go to the good ole Metro Zoo and to relax while my aunt and uncles and grandparents hold, play and spoil my girls! I can not wait!

10. I got a new laptop, i know, i'm spoiled... but i'm selling my old one. So i'm working on transferring some files over to my new computer so i can finish posting about lucy's blessing, pumpkin patch with mimi/papa, gb, + rach/dustin. And a few other random stuff...

that's all for now. thanks for reading.


Linda LaPierre said...

You are a busy little bee! Grass doesn't grow under your feet. I love reading what you're up to and what you and the girls are doing. Keep it up! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxoxo

The Miguel Family said...

when are you guys going to miami? we are headed there for thanksgiving. it would be could if we could see you guys too.