Birthday/Christmas Wish List...

Ok, i have expensive taste. But a girl can wish, right?

iPhone - i use my iTouch all the time, i think it's time to just get the phone already.

Bosch - i am inspired to be a baker and a cook because of these to sisters. I love them by the way.

This Polaroid camera, just for fun.
Fujifilm Instax 200 Instant Camera
A big calendar for my dining room.

A [custom] entertainment center that fits perfectly into my media niche.
[something simple, similar to this]

a fisheye filter for my 50mm lens.
[something like this.]
Zeikos ZE-3252F 52mm 0.34X Fisheye Lens

a new tri pod... preferably light weight
Professional Series Light Weight Aluminum Tripod for Camcorders & Digital Camera / SLR

this J Crew Dress, although it's kinda pricey, i can settle for...

this shabby apple dress.fall dress

This sweater from Downeast.

Pin Tuck Bow Top.

i'm sure there will be a wish list number 2 in a few days with things that i cant remember right now.


Aunt Linda said...

Good taste! Hope you get at least one or two... :)

Zach and Zaira Benson said...

Wish list #2! There's more?!

Daniel said...

What's a husband to do? Especially when a good friend of the family teaches at sealings that women are here for men to spoil... I guess that's all I can do.

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

you MUST get the iphone!! lovee it! i need a new lens for christmas too

suzanne said...

i LOVE that sweater.

david said...

britt pick out your five favorites and we will get them for you. maybe, maybe not ha ha nice list though love ya all dad

Tanner and Andrea said...

that is quite the list... i should probably do that for tanner... it is simple and right to the point. we are going back east for Christmas this year- so that really puts a damper on the presents :)