Lucy Pearl.

Took my baby girl to the doctor last week for her 2 moth appointment, here are her stats...
drum roll please:

weight: 12.5 pounds 90th %
height: 23.8 inches 90th %

Looks like she's on the same path as her big sister. The doctor says i have really healthy babies and some really good milk!

Little Lucy loves ...
to smile
to eat
to sleep
to make noises
to watch her mom and sister
her bouncer

Lucy dislikes ...
to be alone, anytime she can't see me she starts to pout.

Really, this little one is PERFECT, just perfect! I could not have asked for an easier, happier baby. We love her so. Her sister occasionally get jealous, but mostly showers her with hugs, kisses and stories.

p.s. she just got her ears pierced today... will post about that in the next few days.


carly said...

your girls are so pretty!

Dave said...

awww shes too cute!

Parkinson Family said...

oops that was me :)

Zach and Zaira Benson said...

she's so cute!