Full House.

My cousin Sandy and her husband, Colby have been living with us for a few months now. They moved down from St George and in the process of finding a place have been occupying our guest room. Saying that we absolutely love having them here is an understatement. Really! Most of you might cringe at the thought of having another married couple living with you for a few months, and normally i probably would to. There are not many people i could probably live with, but Sandy and Colby are the perfect tenants! They are so chill and love to have fun. They love my girls [which i love] and they help me tons! They help me clean and cook and even help with my kiddos, Sandy works out with me and Colby downloads ton of movies for our nightly viewing. Kate and Lucy love having them here too. They always play with them and keep them occupied when i'm busy or just worn out. We love the Wheelers!

...And woody is fun to have around too, Kate loves to play outside with him, tell him what to do, hide his toys and chase him around!


Parkinson Family said...

so glad its working out! im sure its fun!! they're awesome!!

The Wheeler's said...

Awww Thanks! We love you guys too!! I hope we can find a place close by so we can still have fun everyday!! :)