Brianhead, Utah.

A few weekends ago we vacationed [for a day] in brianhead, utah. We drove up on a thursday night and slept at ron and kathie's condo, friday was spent snowboarding, playing in the snow, watching movies and playing games.

I'm not that fond of the snow, but this was gorgeous. I was smitten with the fresh powder and i wanted to be a kid again... playing in the snow, making snow angels, sledding. I'm glad kate enjoyed herself... i'm glad that she gets to experience the snow young [unlike myself, i didn't see snow for the for the first time until i was 12 yrs old.]. However, i am so glad we do not live in it.

Colby, Sandy, Daniel and Darren had a great time boarding, They left early in the a.m. and came back around 2:30 for lunch, then they headed back out for another hour or so.

Kate, Lucy and i stayed behind in the condo. We watched movies, played games and while Lucy was napping kate and i snuck out to the front of the condo and played in the snow. She loved it, absolutely loved it.

When Daniel and Darren came back we wanted to go sledding... as we were getting ready and gearing up, kate totally fell asleep on the floor... [it may look like she was completely face down, but i think that's because her hood is over her face, she did have her face turned to the side.]

That girl cracks me up!

Dear Brianhead,
Thanks for a great time.
We'll be seeing you.
Love, The Dyes.


Linda LaPierre said...

How beautiful! Great photos, Britt! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

that looks so pretty! they got a lot of snow...thats awesome! love the pics! and her sleeping :)