Favorites Interview.

Today we were hanging out watching the Olympics.
Kate was cutting shapes out of construction paper.
Then she was done, brought a ton of paper to sandy and then sandy quized her on her colors.
Then it started... i asked her what her favorite color was and then other favorite questions followed.
It racked her brain.
Here is the Q & A interview:

Q: Kate, what's your favorite...
color? pink.
amimal? flamingo [Q: because they are pink? A: no, because they are girls.]
food? chicken, fries, ketchup and a drink.
song? hold me, love me [aka: eight days a week by the beatles] and do as i'm doing.
book? old mcdonald had a farm.
number? three.
friend? tori.
state? nevada.
game? candyland.
tv show? dora
thing to do? play in my room.
drink? sprite and lemonade.
dessert? cake.
sport? dancing.
art/craft activity? painting.
movie? tinker bell
toy? my bells
breakfast food? eggs.
sister? lucy.
thing to do at the park? swings!
restaurant? hangaba. [meaning hamburger, aka: burger king]
snack? m&m's
fruit? strawberries.
veggie? edamame.
Q: what do you want to be when you grow up? A: a dancing girl and a singing girl.

Q: Lucy, what's your favorite...
color? pink.
amimal? dog. [she likes their hair]
food? milk.
song? popcorn popping, when my sister sings it.
book? opposites.
number? 2.
friend? kate.
game? getting tickled.
tv show? curious george.
thing to do? hold blankets.
movie? lady and the tramp.
toy? a book that makes noise.
sister? kate.
thing to do at the park? when my mom walks me in my stroller.

Ok, most of the time, when i asked her she just smiled and giggled.


Parkinson Family said...

awww...so cute they're growing up so fast!

carly said...

kate's favorite food and kevins favorite food are the same!

david said...

britt oh they are both just awesome and beautiful. i didn't know lucy could talk already ha ha. love ya all dad

Mom said...

I love your interviews, what a treasure. Kate and Luci are just adorable. Love you