Lovin' my two.

I just can't help but talk about these two. They are the loves of my life [well, besides the mister, of course]. At times they can be a bit noisy and high maintenance, but their smiles and hugs make it all worth it, don't ya think? A few thoughts on these two...

She is full of life, that girl is.
She is a chatter box... non stop.
She says she wants to be a dancing girl when she gets bigger, oh yeah and a singing girl too.
She dances and sings around the house all. day. long. I love it, i do.
She is so independent, not sure i'm ready for all that yet, but it's coming without permission for me... she puts on her clothes all by herself, she goes to the bathroom all by herself, she goes in her carseat all by herself, she buckles all by herself... you get the picture.
She loves the park and being outdoors, she tells me it's a nice day everyday so that she can go outside and play.

One day last week we went to the park with some friends, mimi watched lucy... we got into the car and Kate said, "ok, mom, it's just you and me," it melted my heart.
She loves to ride bikes.
She is a lover of candyland.
She loves art work and loves to have it displayed for all to see.

Reading is her favorite past time.
Tinker belle is her favorite fairy.
Her favorite color changes daily.
She sometimes starts her sentences with, "actually..." or "well mom..."
When she should be saying "me too" she instead says "me neither"
Painting is a daily activity of hers.
Making her sister laugh is one of her many hobbies.

She doesn't like to fall asleep alone.
She is cranky when she wakes up before 7:30am.
She loves to talk to random people.
She is very polite.
She loves fruit, fruit snacks, pretzels, bagels, eggs and chicken.
When she is mad you can usually get her to laugh or smile within a few seconds.
She is ticklish.
She is a joy [most of the time].
She will be going to preschool in the fall!

Love you Kate.

Is a quiet one.
She is the sweetest little baby ever, really.
She loves to be cuddled.
Her blues catch much attention.
Her face just lights up when kate is around.
She is such a happy baby, especially in the mornings.
She's a good eater, can you tell?
She doesn't know what to think about the bath.
She loves toys and trying to grab them.
She babbles and has mumbled ma ma ma ma ma ma a few times.

She's almost sitting up all by herself.
She loves grabbing her toes and feet.
She loves to sleep [she sleep best in her own bed].
She doesn't quite like having her hair brushed.
She loves all things that rattle.

She doesn't mind the camera in her face.
But she does mind the flash.
She knows and loves her mom, dad and sister.
She is sensitive. [mostly to loud noises or screaming or cheering]
She likes music.

She likes attention.
She loves to smile.
It's a bit of a challenge to get her to giggle.
She likes dogs.
And she LOVES blankets... she loves to be cuddled in them, have them in her hand and by her face.

Love you Lucy.

The end. Thanks for reading.


Linda LaPierre said...

Your little gals are the cutest ever! So so adorable! Enjoy them! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

too cutE!

david said...

britt my baby girl enjoy all you can about these little angels cause they growup so fast. i can remember when you and lindsey were like they are now. those were sweet times. love ya all dad