Custom furniture and a helper.

Ever since we've moved into our house i've been wanting a custom entertainment center. One that fit into our media niche perfectly. One that has BIG drawers for dvds and toys. One that is high, so my tv sits slightly higher than normal. One with a high shelf atop and openings below for each of our media devices. I knew that anything custom comes with a heavy price, that i was not willing to pay. So i searched and searched and searched and finally found one that fit my needs, not exactly what i wanted, but it would work. Ordered it and received it about 2 months later... the first one was broken and they didn't even take it out of the truck so they sent me another one and the measurements on their website and the actual unit were completely off... so i called the company and after a couple of weeks back and forth calls they concluded with giving me my money back and letting me keep it anyway. [so i'm selling it if anyone is interested.]
So after all that hassel daniel said, well lets just get some quotes for a custom unit. So i made some calls and talked to some relatives and friends... got a few quotes, but they were still high for what i wanted to pay. So then sandy and colby suggested i use their friend who does work like this... so he came by, we talked about what i wanted and he gave me a great quote. I was a little skeptical since i hadn't seen any of his work, but it was the best price so i wanted to go for it. Well the hubs said we should wait a few more months and i agreed... so i told sandy and colby to tell rod to put it on hold but that i would for sure want it in a couple months. Well the word never got back to rod that we were wanting to wait a little, and he made it. And i'm so glad he did... so sandy and colby called us one day from work saying that it was already done and he could bring it down on the 9th. So i called daniel and he said ok, tell him to bring it down.
He came around noon on the 9th and installed it.
And let me just say that:
1. i am very much impressed by it.
2. i absolutely love it.
3. so glad it all worked out the way it did.
4. i love, love, love it.
5. i will be calling him in the future if i need anything custom done
6. i can't stop staring at it.
7. totally recommend him for any cutsom/refinishing/cabinet/woodworking work you need done... his name is Rod and his phone number is 435.862.9313 -- email: porterrod@hotmail.com.

Here it is... a beauty right? [the pictures don't even do it justice, you should come take a look at it in person.]

On another note... Kate has been such a good helper lately. She loves being a big sister. She does anything from getting me a diaper to hading me the remote when it is out of reach. Yesterday, i was putting L* down for a nap and i came downstairs to find her washing the dishes for me. It was the sweetest little gesture. And although she was making a bigger mess, the fact that she would think about helping me with that made me smile. She was so proud of herself. I was proud of her. Thanks for making my day K*. I love you so..


Mom said...

WOW!! Kate what a great helper you are. Not even three years old yet and you know already what to do for mom. I love you.

Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

Oh my heck that is SO darling! That would NEVER cross Jefferson's mind dang it. And I love the entertainment center. Love the wood color.

Mom said...

Love your entertainment center, it is perfect for that spot!!!. Thanks Sandy and Colby.
Love you guys

Parkinson Family said...

oh that looks awesome! must feel so nice to have it done!!

Tanner and Andrea said...

hey love the entertainment center! looks great in your nook... i love love love custom work.

Linda LaPierre said...

I love the entertainment center. It's beautiful. And I love that Kate is a great helper to her mommy! Good girl, Katie! Love you all. Aunt Linda.