Girls Trip Photo Album.

This years girl's trip with the fab four was so much fun. But seriously, put these girls together and how could you not have fun?! I love this little tradition we have. I love these girls (and the others how couldn't make it). I love that they are my friends. I am so blessed to have their friendship. Here are a few...a lot of favorites from the trip... and a few inside jokes.

Love ya girls!

ba da bum! aka: RIMSHOT.

Cafe Galleria, YUM!

attempt 1:

attempt 2:

attempt 3: FINALLY!

jumping photos!

This is the Place Monument.

Spring Break Specials at Rejuvenate Day Spa in Midway/Heber. Ah-Mazing!
Pedi, massage, body scrub and facial.

i {heart} girls weekend tee's.

Park City strolls and snow.

"not sure i can get all of you in... a little tighter, a little tighter"

Zoom VIP



Can't wait til next year girls... where are we going???

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Jack Attack said...

love 'em all. the horse pic is great. girls "trippin'" is the best.