Summers are busy! Very busy. Lake powell trips, canada, swim lessons, dance class. And we are having a ton of fun. Hence the lack of posting.
Our summer started the end of May. We packed our bags and headed to sunny California.
Disneyland, to be exact. Kate + Lucy's first time.
The 4 hour drive went pretty fast in the van we rented and we had tons of help from my in-laws.
We made it to the hotel on a late tuesday night and the next morning we were up bright and early to get in all the time we could at Disneyland.
Kate dressed in her Minnie Mouse outfit and we were off!
It was so much fun to see her face light up at every little thing.

Kate was a little shy about meeting the characters at first... but after seeing a couple of them she was absolutely loving it!

Lucy was a champ at Disneyland. She got a little scared during Pirates of the Caribbean, but i'm pretty sure she had a great time too!

Kate and papa enjoying the finding nemo ride.

It's a Small World was a favorite and we spent a lot of time in Toontown.

Kate and i loved all the kodak spots.

We told Kate to try to lift the barbell, and she really thought she could and was trying so hard... little did she know they were stuck to the ground.

After a little wait we finally met Minnie Mouse.

Her house was just beautiful and kate kept saying, "i want to live here."

We then headed over to Mickey's house to meet him.

Tea cups were also a hit. Kate talked about them for days.

But nothing could compare to the happiness she felt when she saw these "real live princesses."
Mimi wait in line for over 1.5 hours so that kate could see these ladies (thanks mimi!).

And it was all worth it.

Kate couldn't believe she was meeting all these princesses. She was so happy!

Then back to more rides...

We changed kate into a tinker bell outfit and then went to pixie hallow, where we met iridessa and tinker bell.

Tinker bell was so much fun and was just chatting it up with kate.

Kate also loved seeing tinker bell.

The parade was one of our last stops in disneyland.
Kate and Lucy both enjoyed the music and seeing all the characters.

We had such a good time and we can't wait to go back!!
Thanks again, mimi and papa, for joining us on our first trip to disneyland!

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kathie said...

CUTE pics!!! Brought the whole day back..it was a perfect day..so glad you are a photographer :) Love you guys...ready to go again??