Families are Forever.


They are pretty great.
the end.


Natalie said...

i love all these pictures! please tell kyle it was GREAT to see him last month. he'd be happy to know i've been working on getting anth's line of authority. it's turned out to be pretty tricky. but i've got salt lake church headquarters working on it, along with a family in colorado. because the priesthood wasn't passed from father to son, we have jumped into another family's line of authority {of which we don't even know}. {i've been told that back in the day, it wasn't traditional to keep it in the family. the priesthood was passed down from those you admired.}

needless to say....i've been wanting to let kyle know that i haven't forgotten my promise to him. will you please pass this along to him? i expect to get this mystery solved within a couple months.

your family looks beautiful.

Linda LaPierre said...

You are one gorgeous family! That's all I have to say! Love you all. Aunt Linda. xoxox

Zaira Benson said...

So cute!! Little Lucy looks just like you.