She's almost 11 months old.
She's crawling, standing, saying a few words.
I cannot believe she is so big.
I still think she is my little 3 month old. But she proves me wrong everyday.
Time really does fly when you're having fun!

She's gotten super busy, super curious and super high maintenance.
In her tenth month she has learned how to:
-crawl (and crawl fast)
-yell and point for what she wants
-eat a bunch of new foods
-say: hi, buh buh and dada (in that order)

-fake cough, fake laugh and fake cry
-pull herself up
-stand for a few seconds by herself
-she now has a total of 5 teeth with number 6th making it's appearance any day now.
-share a bath with her big sister

...and she continues to learn so much everyday!
This is a way to contain her while i'm cleaning...
she hasn't learned how to crawl out of it [yet].
She loves playing with water, she is so amazed by it.

We love this little Lucy.


Chels Allred said...

I love sweet lucy.

kathie said...

I second that Chelsea....

Parkinson Family said...

so fun...i too use my sink for containment :)

david said...

britt lucy pearl is just that a pearl, what a beauty. love ya all dad

Linda LaPierre said...

Lucy Pearl is definitely a "keeper." She's adorable! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox