The 4th of July.

4th of July this year proved to be a wonderful weekend. [Since it was on a sunday, we celebrated all weekend!] On Saturday morning we went to the Summerlin parade, [obviously nothing compared to the wonderful mardi gras parades i'm used to], but really fun for the kids. Check out the photos below [w/a few captions]...

Kate & the kids waving at the parade people... Kate lifting her shirt, her way of keeping cool.

this picture cracks me up... she looked back, saw me and then winked at me.
that's my girl.

we all loved the bagpipes.

candyland was a favorite float among the kiddos.

kate waving her flag.

After the parade we went to Ron and Kathie's and sawm and swam and swam.

Kate is a little fish. She would stay in the pool all day if i let her.
Here, she was trying to splash me.

and lucy loves the water just as much.

We headed home after swimming and saw these fireworks right by our house.

We ended the weekend by going down to boulder city with friends and watched a spectacular 4th of July fireworks show there. I left my camera so didn't snap any pics, but luckily my friend, brit, did. So go check out her photos.
Hope ya'll had a great 4th.

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Linda LaPierre said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox