Happy First Birthday!

When did my little Lucy Pearl go from this:

To this:

Happy Happy Birthday My sweet Lucy Pearl.

You are such a joy and as happy as can be.
You love to cuddle.
You have started getting into everything.
You love playing (and by playing i mean taking out) with all the toys.
You love to smile.
You love to wave.
You love to eat.
You can say Hi, Mama, Dada, and that (as you point to something).
You have started to scream if you don't get what you want.
You love to be in the car.
You love to climb the stairs and sofa.
You are standing all by yourself.
You are a little scared to walk.
Your smile can melt any heart.
You are still a little shy.
Your mom is still your favorite.
We love you.
Hope you had a great day.

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Linda LaPierre said...

Happy 1st birthday to Lucy Pearl..Love you! Aunt Linda xoxox