Storybook Birthday Party.

A few months ago i started planning Lucy's First Birthday Party! A Storybook Birthday party to be exact. I gathered a bunch of differnt ideas from blogs/etsy/parents.com etc. Everything turned out perfectly and i'm pretty sure all who came had a good time!

These invitations were handmade and hand delivered...

The party was in the morning, so the menu was pretty easy and simple. We had fruit, quiche and oj.
I borrowed the fun table cloths from my mother-in-law.

I made the cake (which i am very proud of!). It's a two layer cake, the bottom layer was french vanilla and the top layer was german chocolate. The frosting was a butter cream vanilla bean with a few drops of pink food coloring. And then i embellished the outer edge with marshmallows. I topped the cake with these adorable fabric flower cake toppers (thanks katie!)
I also made mini cupcakes with both flavors of cake.

Remember the fabric felt crown i made for Lucy in the previous post? Well i got really ambitious and made one for all the little girls who came.

For added decor i also made storybook banners out of old 'little golden books' and pinned them up on the ceiling.

I also purchased a bunch of vintage 'little golden books' via ebay and gave them to all the little girls as their to go gifts.

Lucy was again as happy as can be, with no idea what was going on.
I dressed her up in a pink onesie that had the number 1 on it (which i sewed on with some scrap fabric) and a pink tutu from target.

(please ignore kate's puffed eye... she had some sort of nasty puss stuff coming out of it)

Lucy seemed to enjoy her party and the extra attention!

Here are some of our guests who came to party it up!

Storytime was a definite hit! Grannybird was the story teller, an absolute great one might i add. She told the story of Peter Rabbit and The Three Bears. She even brought some fun props for all the kids to see!

After the story we took a little break and had a cupcake walk. When the music stopped and their number was called they got to get their personalized crown!

While i was busy with the game... i handed my camera over to a few friends to snap some photos... I love what they captured! :)

After the game evreyone gathered round grannybird again and she told them The Story of The Little Black Sambo.

We finished the party by singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl and having some cake!

It was a great Birthday Party!


Kerry said...

YoUR AMazInG BrITtnEY!!!

Darling idea! Lucy looks darling!

Erin said...

That is such a great idea! Lucy is adorable! I love your calendar on the wall. Is it white board? Did you make it or buy it somewhere?

Kristi H. said...

What a cute theme! You are so creative.

Anna said...

You always throw ROCKIN parties! It looks so fun. Glad everything turned out the way you wanted. Lucy is adorable. Love the cake...looks so yummy! Maybe we'll have to have another party just to have another party from you! :)

katie said...

so cute! the story book bunting is adorable..

Parkinson Family said...

oh thats adorable! happy birthday lucy!

Kathy's Boys said...

You are always doing something fabulous! I wish I had your talent and energy! Kate is so cute. I can't believe how big she is getting. I guess I hadn't seen her for awhile.

Kristine G. said...

Could you please post instructions on how you made your invitations? I'm planning a book-themed party for my (almost) 4-yr-old, and love your ideas!

Kristine G. said...

Could you please post instructions on how you made your invitations? I'm planning a book-themed party for my (almost) 4-yr-old, and love your ideas!