K & L...

And a 50mm 1.4.
While in St George for a bit i snapped some shots of my girls.
{by the way, you know that the web does some funky things to my edited photos? well, it does... but you get the idea anyway, right?}

Kate has gotten to the point where she enjoys me photographing her.
She will stand, sit, smile, laugh, run, walk... pretty much any direction given is well received.

Lucy, on the other hand, doesn't stand still for a minute.
She's at the point where when she see's me pull out my camera, she runs.
I think she think is it some sort of tagging device? Not sure.

Sometimes, Kate will run over to get me and say, "mom take a picture of me over here."
I'm not going to lie, i love it!

Well, there Lucy goes again.
Actually when we are indoors, she does pretty good,
she stands still and even says "cheese."

I can always count on this one...

I love these girls.


Ammon & Nicole said...

Such pretty girls! My kids are the same..Greyson will hold still but Piper runs away. Guess they are just not quite used to the camera yet.

Chels Allred said...

such cuties. lovin' the 1.4

Linda LaPierre said...

What great shots of the girls. Lucy will get used to it soon. Love the last two photos of Katie! Give them kisses for me! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox