A Last Look at December 2010: A {Long} Post of Updates and Photos.

Although each of these December events deserves a post of it's very own, i was busy {as usual} and therefore this {LONG} post is born. And a series of {short} updates is accompanied by loads of photos. Enjoy.

1. A photo shoot with grannybird and my two was in order. I suited up the girls in some matching outfits and we met grannybird right outside her house. GB and the girls lit up the camera... we edited and printed a few, bought a series of attached frames and gifted it to grannybird for Christmas. She loved it.

2. Most of our Christmas decor was up before thanksgiving, this is an ornament from our real tree that we got a few days after thanksgiving. A total of 4 trees were up in our house this year. I love Christmas.

3. One photo from each of my December photo shoots.

4. Santa photos are always a must in December. We carted the kids to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. Kate loved it, she smiled for the photos and was so excited to give Santa her wish list. Lucy, well, she was obviously a little scared of the bearded man.

5. After seeing Jolly Ole St Nick we walked over to see the Mermaid at the Silverton Casino. Kate was just as mesmerized as last year and Lucy warmed up to her after a bit.

6. Kate's school held a Christmas Program. The pre-schoolers got to sing three songs at the beginning. They sang Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Kate did a great job! I especially like the tees they made. We love Ms. Jamie and Ms. Holly.

7. My birthday is on the 17th of December. It was great! Daniel spoiled me and i mean REALLY spoiled me! He's great, i'm pretty lucky!! Thanks babe!!
My friends did a 12 days of Christmas sort of thing, except they called it the 8 days of Dye. Everyday i got things in random places and at random times, this is how it went: On the first day of Dye, your friends gave to you, ONE tropical smoothie. On the second day of Dye, your friends gave to you, TWO comfy socks. On the third day of Dye, your friends gave to you, THREE pound of candy. On the fourth day of Dye, your friends gave to you, FOUR cupcakes. On the fifth day of DYE, your friends gave to you, FIVE bajio bucks. On the sixth day of Dye, your friends gave to you, SIX gerber daisies. On the seventh day of Dye, your friends gave to you, SEVEN bags of crazy bread. On the eighth day of Dye, your friends gave to you, EIGHT friends for lunch!
The eight day was my birthday. They surprised me and took me out to lunch and then for pedis. I have the best friends (REALLY!)! Thanks girls!!!
My mom and kev also came down on my day and watched the girlies for us, so daniel and i went out on the town.
My birthday actually lasted through the weekend and we celebrated with Daniel's family on Sunday. I love birthdays!

8. My parents got me this beauty. I've wanted one for a while. It's a polaroid camera. It's a lot of fun to use and the photos are fun to put up around the house.

9. Remember how i said i was spoiled? Well, i got a 17-55mm f/2.8 lens for my 50D. And i was trying it out. Kate was my model. I'm really liking it.

10. The Dye Christmas Party was on the 18th. We ate, chatted and the kids put on a little nativity. Kate was Mary.

11. Just because i love these girls.

12. A Dye family photo and a story... We were setting the scene for a quick family photo. Meanwhile, Uncle Darren, Kate and Lucy must have been playing tag, or something like it. Anyhow, these photos made me smile.

12 and 1/2. And here was the outcome.

13. My two. One thinks she is the mom, the other is a tornado. Can you guess which is which?
Here, they are just adorable!

14. My love. Can't ever get enough of this man. I just love him so! He. is. the. best.

15. Her words, "Mom, i am bigger enough to get cereal all by myself."

16. The annual Zobrist Christmas Party on Christmas eve. Awesome as usual. Filled with food, fun, reading Luke 2, saying what we are grateful for, Santa and Mrs. Claus and an adjustment (thanks Cam!!) (And even little mishap of sorts, stay tuned for some iphone photos.)

17. It all leads up to this... CHRISTMAS MORNING!
There's nothing like the Christmas spirit to get you up at 7am.
Kate was excited to say the least. Lucy was pretty surprised to see all the presents.
Santa was good to them... to all of us!
We must have been really good this year! Thanks SANTA!

18. We spent the sunday after Christmas is St George. My little brother was ordained an Elder. We got to see my sister, her husband and kids for all of 15 mins, wish we could have spent a few more hours with them. Maybe a trip up to snowy Utah should be planned?

19. We hurried home from St George to catch up with Daniel's siblings since they were out of town on Christmas. And here is our annual matching pj's photo.

And that pretty much sums up December 2010.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.
What to look forward to in blogging: Views From My iPhone Part 2, More Photos of my Two, New Year's Eve and Snow in Las Vegas!!!
Until then... Loves.

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