Views of an iPhone {vol. 2}

Life, as seen through the lens of my iphone. Volume 2.

1. This was my outfit for my friend's {sara} 80's Birthday Party.
It. Was. Totally. A. BLAST!

2. My view on the way home from church one Sunday.
I thought it was cool that all over the valley there was blue skies,
but there was a huge storm over the mountain.

3. The same drive home, to my right...
is the strip.

4. Me and my baby.

5. The 3rd tree in our house during Christmas... a real one, freshly cut from Brianhead.
{the photo was taken while the tree was being trimmed.}

6. L* snacking while shopping.

7. I love the way she sleeps in the car.

8. Day 4 of the 8 Days of Dye! {my birthday}

8 and 1/2. Day 8, when they surprised me with the reveal of who they were.
{photo taken by stacie g.}

9. It rain and stormed for about a week straight. I was loving it.

10. L* thinks she knows how to work the computer now.
She's only 15 months old.
She just bangs on the keyboard and moves the mouse around.
{she is getting pretty good on the iTouch though.}

11. Saw this car's license plate and immediately thought of my dad and brother.
{the license plate read: ILUVMLB}

12. Gingerbread houses.
This one is mine. I call it 'A Desert Gingerbread House.'

This one belongs to Kathie and Kate.

We had a lot of fun and Kate got really messy.

13. Lucy chipped her tooth on Christmas Eve.
Lucy and Dax collided on the slide.

This is what happened to him...

No, this photo is not fake.
I hope her tooth isn't stuck inside there.
But don't worry, Dax is fine thanks to some steri strips.
{photo taken by josh b.}

15. And while we are talking about Lucy's injuries...
She also has a cracked skull.

Nothing serious, and it should heal just fine.
How did it happen? Well, we were at the Advance Insurance Christmas Party,
She was sitting in a high chair, decided to climb out and lean back...
which resulted in her crashing down onto the concrete floor.
I'm just glad it's nothing serious. I already felt horrible for not watching her closer.
{Lesson learned.}

14. Breakfast of Champions and bedhead.
Love them.

15. Lucy is more of a climber than Kate was.
I find her up here a few times a day.

16. On Jan 3 we woke up to this.

17. We built a mini snowman and by noon it was the only sight of snow left.

18. Kate is currently obsessed with Rapunzel {and the movie Tangled}.
Here is the dress and hair to prove it.
She wears them constantly.
{and now the hair is getting quite tangled.}

19. And last, just because i loved the tee she was wearing yesterday.
Thanks gap for always have 40% off sales.
And Cami for working at Banana {in primm}

The End.


Ammon & Nicole said...

Cute pictures! Strange thing, Piper broke her front left too also, and the break looks just like Lucy's. Only Piper did it about a week earlier on our tile entryway. Are you having it fixed?

Jack Attack said...

what!?!? you never said anything about lucy's tooth and head when I saw you NYE. when did this happen. we must have a girls night to catch up on all the holiday happenings. love the New Year's Eve pictures. thx for hosting such a great party!

Brittney said...

Nicole: They said there really isn't much i can do, just give it time to heal and make sure she doesn't get hurt in the next few weeks.

Brit: I totally forgot on NYE to tell you about Lucy, and i told the girls during brunch on NY day. Yes, let's plan something soon, i need a night out.

suzanne said...

fun post... so sad for lucy. owen chipped his two front teeth when he was two. it adds character, beautiful teeth are totally overrated. ;)