Easter: Sunrise Service.

The annual Zobrist Sunrise Service.
We were up by 4:45am.
We got our kids up, dressed and by 5:15 we were at the meeting place.
15 min later we were headed up to the mountain.

We parked and hiked to the familiar spot.
We got settled in our favorite rocks and watched the sunrise.

The Benson family was in charge this year.
They did such a good job!
Kris had us all {water color} paint the sunset.
Kara talked about the resurrection.
Josh gave a great tribute to his Gramps.
And Lloyd ended with a great testimony.

I always dread waking up at 4:30am!
But when all is said and done, i'm always glad my family and me are there.
It's such a great tradition.
And i can't forget that after we are done, we pack up our things put them in the car and head to the picnic area where we have scones and oj. Yum!

Mark and Linda were greatly missed.
They are serving a mission for our church in Argentina.
We are so grateful for them and their service.
Love this Photo of Grannybird and her kids {and spouses}.

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