{FLASHBACK} Goat Haunt and Swinging Bridge Canada 2010

Goat Haunt is actually on the US side of Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park.
It's across the water and you can get there by boat.
So we loaded up and took a great little boat ride to Goat Haunt.

We passed the border.
See the line of trees cut down the middle??
That is the Canada/US border.

We took out our passports and arrived at Goat Haunt.

Here is border patrol stamping our passports.
They stamp it with a little goat.
Kate thought it was so cute!

In Goat Haunt there is a little trail to a swinging bridge.
So Ron, kate and i took the little journey to it.

It's a little scary and a lot of fun.
Swinging bridge is just what it is with rickity wood panels.
A full rush of water below and just some small rope holding it all together.

This was both, me and kate's, first time to the Swinging Bridge.
She liked it so much she even wanted to walk across by herself.
I would not let that happen. Too scary for me.

On our way back to the boat we stopped along the way to get some scenery shots.

The water is sooo cold (hence the name, Glacier National Park).
I swear our feet were turning blue.

Back to Waterton with a beautiful view of the Prince of Wales.

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Linda LaPierre said...

Britt... I'm so excited to get to see all these beautiful sights! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox