Views of an iPhone {vol. 4}

My blogging has been pretty weak. Yes, i know. So i'll try to catch you up on the past month. It might be a pretty lengthy update with a slight photo overload from the trusty iphone. So enjoy... here's to updating more often with better photos!

1. Oven Pancakes. My kids love them (including the Mr.) I love when they come out perfect and plump! This isn't a very good photo, but let me tel you they were pouring over the pan! Yum! (twice in a row!)

2. Perk of living in the middle of the desert... Hot Air balloons launching and landing, constantly. We love it. Such a pretty sight.

3. Kate, {fake} being asleep. She think she can trick me. Hilarious!

4. A trip to Utah resulted in a much needed retail therapy session at IKEA.
Purchased a sofa bed for the loft, 3 small dressers for the girls and a bunch of little knick knacks.
Love me some IKEA!

5. Also on the agenda, Texas Roadhouse.
A recommendation from most.
My review: The rolls {and honey butter} were absolutely delicious. If you know me, you know i LOVE rolls and Texas Roadhouse totally satisfied my pallet.
The food was good, i'm not much of a Steak girl {and they say it is amazing}, but i got the chicken and it was good. I'm a pretty easy target.

6. My bro-in-law own a gun shop.
Daniel was dying to snap a photo of me and a gun.
So i flashed him a 'west side' sign, smiled and said cheese.

7. Co-op has been going great. Love to have these kids over to play.

8. Kate {and i} made this cute little butterfly for preschool.
She was so proud.

9. After a recent church activity, we captured Stacie and surprised her with a little Birthday celebration. We took her blindfolded around town and we ended up at the Cheesecake factory.
A great night indeed.

10. Such a pretty sunset of the desert mountain.

11. Working at dad's office. The girls love visiting dad and papa at work.

11. Caught! Lucy trying to open the fridge.
This girl eats more then any kid i've seen! I swear she's always hungry.

12. Lounging on the bouncer. So funny.

13. Cupcakes i made for a baby shower.
They were really good! Thanks to Kris for all her cake tips.

14. We celebrated Grannybird's Birthday in March.
I love celebrating her. She is amazing!
I made a subway are in honor of her, with a few of her sayings.
We love her so.

15. The celebration continued to Sammy's where her and the kids shared a messy sundae.

16. Another great sunset. On our way to Cali for our {3rd} annual girl's trip {with the fab four}.
Be jealous. We had a BLAST!
SLO was pretty awesome!

17. A few other iphone photos from the trip...

18. Rocket balloons. Such a great toy. Trust me. You need to get this.
You and your friends will have so much fun.
Get it here. You won't be sorry.

19. Date night w/Danny and steph.
Included dinner, Bellagio Water Show and dessert at Serendipity.

20. Lucy loves shoes... all but her own.
She puts kates shoes on all the time.

21. There has been some beautiful weather here.
We are outside constantly!
Swinging is a favorite activity around here. ;)
(hope i don't get in trouble for saying that?
Hopefully, someone won't quote me on this without seeing the photos.)

22. Love my girls.

23. Lucy's chipped tooth.

23 1/2. In the waiting room of the dentist's office.
{looking for a pediatric dentist in Las Vegas? Go here.}

23 3/4. They had to put her out to fix it. I'm glad it's done.
They did a fantastic job!

24. Done and Done! Fixed the chip.
(don't mind all the food around her mouth. sorry.)
P.S. i kinda love her little gap.

25. Went to Rambo's Kitchen for dinner one lovely day.
It's all about the 70's.
Pro: They serve breakfast all day long! Games on every table. Hula hoops. Never busy.
Con: A little pricey.

26. At the park.
Daniel throwing lucy.
She loves it.

27. Kate wanted braid so bad one day. I tried, but failed.
I called my friend amy. She came to the rescue!
Kate kept the braids in for over 3 days.
We finally took them out and this was the result.
She loved it just the same.

28. My aunt and cousin came to town to visit.
We went to Sammy's. {it might be my new fav place}

29. I made this wreath for my door.
I needed something spring.
Here is the tutorial.

30. I totally did her french braids all by myself!
Thanks for teaching me Amy!

31. Selling my Yudu {silk screen machine}.
In great condition. Only used a handful of times.
Let me know if you are interested. $125 obo.

32. Bubbles and Sunglasses make co-op so great!

33. Finally got bunk beds for the girls! Love them!
You can't go wrong with PBK.

i'll have to take a photo of the finished product, with bedding and all...

34. Easter weekend.
The saturday before Easter i think Kate spend more of the day in the water than she did out of the water. She loves to swim!
She was also such a good sharer that day. Sharing her donut with Lucy.
What a fun weekend with the Zobrist fam.

34 1/2. Lucy was beat!

35. Occasionally i will find her up her. Playing with the iPad.

36. I watched these boys one night. They are hilarious!
Who says guys can't do two things at once?
Eating freeze pops and playing playstation 3.
Now that's talent!

37. Remember when i said she eats all the time?
{Proof #1}.

38. Firehouse Subs! Open now at Flamingo and 215. GO NOW!
{Proof #2}

39. Cotton Candy at Sammy's.
To say the girls were excited was an understatement.
A girls night out with my girls. {dad was camping}

40. Lucy and her mac and cheese.
{Proof #3, see what i mean?}

As always, Thanks for reading.


Chels Allred said...

I love lucy's cute hairstyle! its so cute on her.
and are you serious with that wreath?! i love it. I think you should make me one just like it. haha

Linda LaPierre said...

Those pictures are great! Glad you put them on your blog... it's always so nice to see your family grow through pictures when you live so far away. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

thats a lot of pics! but fun to see what what you guys have been up to! hope to cya soon!