iPhone Updates March2012 - April 2012

 In an attempt to update ALOT tonight there will be many-a-posts with few words and lots of pictures. Here it goes.
P.S. not use to this new blogger... it sucks.

I had hair extensions for a bit... liked them for a while then got sick of them.
Mason Snuggling with Dad

Napping at church

Photo shoot with my cute nephew.

Masons 2 month Doc Apt

Cute girls.

Bike Crash Wounds

3 Days after Bike Accident

Sunday Afternoon Naps

Watching my nephew Wyatt.

Girls blocking doors so dad can't go to work and can stay home and play all day!

Sad Face

Spy Birthday Party for my friend, SG

my #1

Baby boy sleeping

Ring shopping with my bro... his choice.
M all smiles

I love a sleeping baby

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