Canada July 2012

 We were lucky enough to be in Canada for Canada Day (July1st) which also happens to be Kate's Birthday! We had such a blast.... how could you not in Waterton? Hiking, horseback ridding, bike rides, walks to Pat's, pass creek picnic, big scoop, cameron lake and so much more! I'm dreaming about when we can go back. We also got to visit the Dahl Farm, where grannybird grew up! We celebrated Canada day there with tons of Dahl family members.
A few highlights of the trip:
- Lucy went horseback riding for the first time! And loved it!! (she's such a daredevil!)
- We all hiked bear's hump, it was beautiful as always. Kate hiked it all by herself.
- Daniel swam in Blackiston Falls once again... he said it was colder than last year.
- Tire swinging at the Dahl Farm
- Family Pictures at Cameron Lake
- Daily Big Scoop runs
-  1st Suri rides for kate, lucy and myself.
- Walks around town
- Skipping Rocks at Wateron Lake
- And the girls favortie: 5 cent candies at Pat's

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